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"No census of the Freedmen in this district has been taken since November 1864 and any estimate of the population at any period since "Sherman's Refugees" began so largely to increase the number would necessarily have been unreliable and at best only approximate to fact. From January 1st to this date nearly 17,000 Freedmen have arrived at Beaufort of whom not exceeding 1,000 now remain this side of the Coosa. 350 of these are staying in the town, more than one half of whom are paupers, with an uncommon proportion of very infirm and aged people. Upon the Island Plantations, 67 of which are being worked to a greater or less extent, the pop. is not far from 5,000, embracing 450 infirm and orphans* who have until this time been subsisted by the government. Freedmen and Refugees in Beaufort number 2,200 and on abandoned estates above the "Coosa" 600 making a total of about 7,800 in the district. The average arrivals of Freedmen in transit from all parts of the state, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina seeking their relatives and endeavoring to reach their homes have been 50 per day, and 21,000 rations have been issued to such persons during June and July on the ground of absolute destitution and inability to proceed further without such aid; the whole no. of rations issued in this district to Freedmen (the Provost Marshal has provided for white refugees) from June 1st until this date is 80,000."


 - - H. G. Judd Bureau Agent, Office for Freedmen Beaufort, South Carolina August 1, 1865 "Reports of Conditions and Operations July 1865 - Dec. 1866"

 "An overview of the importance of the Freedman's Bureau Records"

by The Virginia Freedman's Bureau Project

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report concerning Freedmen on Port Royal and adjacent Islands
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