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Founded by Karen Huff-Willis in 1992, The Gas lamp Black Historical Society provides a vehicle for those interested in preserving and promoting the historical contributions of Blacks in San Diego County, California.  The society provides speakers in two areas of historical expertise.  These areas are the history of African Americans in San Diego and the history of blacks in Mexico and Latin America countries.  It is one of the largest black historical societies in the entire country.

Genealogy Data Files

Genealogical Data Communication or GEDCOM is a file format specification that allows different genealogists to share data with each other.  It was developed by the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints to promote uniformity in the exchange of computerized genealogical data.   Its computer file format extension is .ged.   


Note:  To share genealogical data from software programs you will most certainly need to be familiar with GEDCOM File Standards.

For more on GEDCOM File Standard read the complete article online, Sharing Genealogy Files by Gary B. Hoffman at




Genealogy Activism is the effort by genealogists to do things like: preserve endangered cemeteries, reunite estranged family members, and address the humanitarian issues that involve work within the genealogy industry all over the world.  Genealogy activists all over the United States work to help communities save the records of historic churches, transcribe and digitize old school records, preserve things like the yearbooks and annuals that belonged to long extinct institutions, and honor historical figures that may have been forgotten by time.  These Genealogy activists work hard to solve local mysteries, make genealogy free and host and design free workshops for the public.  

To see some real life examples of Genealogical Activism visit the website Honoring our Ancestors by Megan Smolenyak - The Grants Page.  See some of the projects already under way



Genealogy-at-a-glance is a series of laminated teaching guides filled with fun facts on different genealogy subjects.  The guides cover topics like Passenger Lists, Naturalization Records, Common Surnames, Civil Registrations, African American Genealogy, Native American Genealogy and the Great Migration.  Portable, Compact and Easy to carry these guides are indestructible.

To purchase a Genealogy at a Glance Guide go to


By John P. Deeben

Whether you’re an experienced researcher or just getting started, the Genealogy Tool Kit will help you navigate the records of the National Archives, from census and naturalization records to military and federal land grant records. Along the way, you learn the stories of other researchers where they describe their own family discoveries. With checklists to track your progress, family trees to fill in, as you go you can  discover your ancestors, as you learn and take notes.  The Toolkit also serves as a keepsake record that documents for you and your family the family history research project.


Index to Applications submitted For the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909

The Guion Miller Roll is an index to the names of individuals entitled to enrollment on the Eastern Cherokee Rolls.  Created by the Department of the Interior, these records are available online via the National Archives.  Enrollment entries are arranged alphabetically and each gives the enrollee’s name and final roll number.  If you desire a copy of the Census Card, it can be obtained by writing the Archives at Fort Worth, TX.  Also, the price of this service is 15.00 per census card.

For more information visit the Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs go to

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