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Perryclear's Point
Coosaw Island Phosphates
Kean's Neck
Whale Branch: A List of Names

The Whale Branch Archives

Click on a button below and be transferred to information relating to the economic and social history of Northern Beaufort County.  Each link transports you to contemporary photos, genealogical sources, historical studies, land grant records and archival materials detailing the oft forgotten role Whale Branch's Gullahs had in the changing the course of the nation during the Civil War.  




Greater Whale Branch is:

  • the birthplace of 1st Color Sergeant Prince Rivers (sometimes Manigo) of the 1st South Carolina Colored Volunteers

  • the birthplace of well-known artist James Reeve Stuart

  • the birthplace of famed Gullah Artist Johnathan Green

  • the site of the Battle of Port Royal Ferry

  • the 17th Century location of the Yemassee's Huspa Town and the home of the South Carolina's Huspaw King

  • the home of Francis Stuart, father of loyalist brothers John and Henry Stuart of Beaufort


*The Whale Branch Project, African American Genealogy with Fallon Green

Stuart's Point - (aka Chisholm Point Wood)
Marvin's Farms
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