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H. E. Wilson's General Store

In 1952, H. E. Wilson was Lobeco's postmaster.  A native  of Hampton, he had acquired the position and then subsequently moved to Beaufort with his young wife and son.  They settled here along what is now Highway 21 in Northern Beaufort County.  The family ran a general store and lived in the back.


On the night of 


John and J. P. Priester were born in Allendale, SC to Georgianna Priester, a Beaufort Native who moved back to the area with her husband and boys.  


J. W. Barnwell was pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in 1952.  


After the murders J. W. Barnwell penned a letter to the Post and Courier in Charleston explaining and offering the community's deep condolences for the crime committed by the two boys.


The two boys were caught in Savannah after trying to purchase a car with the stolen money from the General Store.  

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