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Charlotte Forten and the Penn Legacy
Harriet Tubman and the Gullah Speaking Women of the Sea Islands
Elizabeth Hyde Botume,

 "The Life of Susie King Taylor: A Digital Documentary"

by Jessica Harrison, Julie Elliott, Matthew Gade, Josephine Hardison

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"Spies and Pilots: Harriet Tubman's Sable Information Army"
MISCEGENATION: The Curious Case of Susan Ulmer"
Reverend Peasley and Mrs. Cattell's Slave
"The Purry Plot: The Poisioning of Charles Purry"
"Abigail Christensen and the fight for the Shanklin School"
Iona Rollins Whipper
"Sibby, Louisa and Patsy - and the Rivers Family Line"
"Reminiscences....33rd USCT by Susie King Taylor"
Rosalie Pazant founder of the Original Gullah Festival
Laura Towne


Missionaries and Spies: How women changed Beaufort


This portal explores the extraordinary lives of some of Olde Beaufort District's most influential women.  Missionaries, Murderers, Mothers, Visionaries and Spies, each link will serve to shock and amaze you as you learn the tantalizing details of each of their lives.

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