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Mott Blake

Harriet Tubman Spy Ring

Mott Blake was one  of the spies in Harriet Tubman's spy ring.  This is possibly the Historical Mott Blake mentioned in records provided by Tubman to the Union Army.  The most common mention of an individual that may have been Tubman's Mott is mentioned alongside the name of Emma Blake.  In this pension payment card Blake is listed as being a Private in the 21st Regiment of the United States Colored Troop.  The name Mott Blake is also repeatedly connected to the Oakland Plantation in both Freedman's Savings Records and Military Documents.  It appears Mott died in 1914.


There is no way of knowing just how pivotal Mott's intelligence and the intelligence of other Union Army spies was to the outcome of the Civil War.

Mott Blake

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Mott Blake can be found in the following Civil War Era Records:


  • South Carolina Deaths, 1915-1943

  • United States Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933

  • United States General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934

  • United States Civil War and Later Pension Index, 1861-1917

  • United States Freedman Bank Records, 1865-1874

  • To view these records click the image above.


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