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A Gullah Guide to Historic Beaufort


Our consulting services focus on your most critical family research planning needs.

We help you craft a strategy through surname projects, family reunion research planning, free consultations, inexpensive look-ups, and specialized advice on tracing Southeastern Slave Genealogy. We bring a passion and a deep fundamental respect for repairing family bonds and in regards to the African American experience in America, restoring to the whole of history an academic integrity we once thought had been lost for centuries.

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African American Genealogy with Fallon Green is a new type of genealogy firm.  We specialize in affordable and reasonably priced researcher services and workshops.   We offer unique regionally-specific advice combined with high-paced, informative lectures and presentations. Our workshops bring the latest information as well as expertise in the realm of Gullah Genealogy.

Our solutions are nontraditional and work toward navigating African American families around the common walls they may encounter when they are deciding to pursue information on the life of a long lost or elusive ancestor.  ​

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We at African Ameerican Genealogy with Fallon  Green are committed to providing beginning African American researchers with all the tools they need to embark on their family history journey.  Each publication is designed and tailored to the specific needs of people of color, and they help in providing frustrated African American geneaphiles with strategies to overcome some of African American research's most complex challenges.  

By helping our readers get past brick walls and solve common research problems our books provide each reader with a clear and concise quick route to success.  

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“In all the books that you have studied, you never have studied Negro history have you?  You studied about the indian and the white folks, but what did they tell you about the Negro?  If you want negro history, you will have to get it from somebody who wore the shoe, and by and by, from one to the other, you will get a book.”

                                                                                                        -- Mr. Reed, Former Slave, Bullwhip Days

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