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REVEREND DR. WILLIAM HENRY BRISBANE (October 12, 1806 Beaufort County, South Carolina - April 5, 1878 Arena, Wisconsin) Hon: William Henry Brisbane, Tax Commissioners for the District of South Carolina. Photo Courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society.  Photo taken in 1853.

MARTIN R. DELANEY, the only black officer who received the rank of major during the Civil War. Taken ca. 1865.  Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.

OLIVER OTIS HOWARD (1830 - 1909) was a Union Army General during the American Civil War.  He would serve as Commissioner of the Freedman's Bureau from 1865-1874, lived in Beaufort during the war and would found Howard University in Washington, D.C. at the close of the 19th Century.  This is a photo taken of Howard at Governor's Island in New York in 1893.

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